Aquasoft Multi Purpose Contact Lens Solution 360ML (1+1 Combo Pack)


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Aquasoft Multi Purpose Contact Lens Cleaning Solution 360ML

Aquasoft Multi Purpose Contact Lens Solution 360ML


Dual-Disinfection System. Uses A Lubricant Found Naturally In Your Eyes.

Matches The Ph Of Healthy Tears.

Utilizes The Eye’s Natural Lubricant To Deliver Long Lasting Hydration

Helps To Maintain The Eye’s Healthy Tear Proteins Active

My Aqua Soft Solution Conditions, Cleans, Removes Protein, Disinfects, Rinses And Stores Soft Contact Lenses Including Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Removes protein, cleans, conditions and disinfects your contact lenses.

Clinically proven ingredient ensures excellent protein removal.

No protein buildup means clean contacts and clear vision.

Unsurpassed in fighting germs so you can wear contact lenses with confidence.

Conditions the surface of your contact lenses to retain moisture and provide lasting fresh lens comfort all day.



Cleaning your contact lenses (multi-purpose solutions)

Wash your hands before handling your contacts lenses.

Splash a few drops of solution into the palm of your hand and place one of the lenses in it.

Use small circles when you rub the lenses and be sure to do both sides.

Rinse them with a contact lens solution once they have been rubbed.

This keeps everything from settling back on the lens.



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