About Us

About Us

Specsmart - The best optical
Specsmart – The Multi Brand Eyewear Store

Welcome To Specsmart

Specsmart is the best optical in Madurai within a short period and established in 2018. 

We have grown to become the leading optical in Madurai. 

We have built a strong reputation for providing the highest standard of optical care.

An optical with the best opticians for eye testing and eye care, friendly customer service and best quality products is the Best Optical.

Our Optical Services

We are doing Our services include free eye tests, contact lens fittings, spectacles and prescription sunglasses. 

Our trusted products include various styles and Frames of Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses, Sunglasses, Lens Solutions and other Optical Accessories.

We provide no-cost vision tests even for the non-spectacle user to create awareness about vision and it is very important for every person. 

Our opticians are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and free spectacles service.

We have committed not only excellence today but also will continue excellence through new technologies.

Free Eye Test

Eyes are the most important part of every human being.

Most of the blindness and vision impairment is preventable and treatable if it is detected early.

Many people didn’t know about vision awareness.

Specsmart is the best optical to get complete eye exams for the whole family and it is completely free for everyone.

We are providing free eye testing to create awareness about vision.

Eye testing is free for the non-spectacles user as well.

Free Enquiry

We have professional optometrists or opticians for checking your precious eyes.

At our optical, your eye examination will be done first by our experienced, professional optometrist.

Both adults and children should test their eyes to keep their current prescriptions and to check eye disease in its early stages.

In specsmart, inquiry about any products i.e., frames, lenses, sunglasses, contact lenses and other accessories will be free and you can get any information about these in our working hours.

Best Guidance

Our optician or staff will help you after the eye exam to find what you need i.e., spectacles or contact lenses as per your prescription and your choice.

We will also give you advice on your vision.

We recommend you on choosing the best and affordable product for your needs, face shape, skin tone, personality, appearance and lifestyle.

Our Staff always guide you in every step of the way.

We ensure that you will get a perfect pair of eyeglasses from us.

Customer Support

Specsmart is a customer-oriented optical.

We didn’t try to promote any particular products.

Keeping your budget on our mind, we will show the lenses and frames.

Frames and lenses are customizable.

We will mention only the fixed product price.

We didn’t tell the product price with respect to the customer status, budget and price expectation of the customer.

eyeglass with hand customer support
Best Customer Support

Free Home Eye Test

In case, you are not able to come and check your eyes at our optical, it is possible to do free eye testing of your vision at home.

We included this facility by keeping in mind for the customer who is not having time to come.

If you want this facility, then contact our optical and arrange a convenient time for home eye testing.

Home eye testing will help you to discover the eye problem which requires professional advice.

Our professional optometrists will visit your home and conduct eye testing.

They will ask about the eye problems you are facing and the previous prescriptions.

Best Suggestion

If you have any power prescription, then they will guide you to select the perfect pair for your eyes from our huge collection.

They also guide you in every step with consideration of your needs, choice and budget.

We will deliver your new pair of glasses within the mentioned time.

If your prescription needs some more time, then we will let you know about the situation.

Free Home Trial

Specsmart has a free home trial facility as well.

We offer this facility for the customer who wants to buy online and want to try at home.

You can talk to us about your needs and we will come with all the products you asked.

You can select the product from our collection.

We didn’t ask extra money for home trial or home eye testing indirectly.

Free Eyewear Service

Specsmart is the best customer rated optical in Madurai because we provide friendly service.

We provide free spectacles service even for the spectacles that are not bought from specsmart.

Depending on the type of damage occurred on your glasses, our professional optician can repair your eyeglasses. 

Eyewear Free Service
Eyewear Free Service

Don’t try to repair the glasses yourself, because this may damage your glasses.

Glasses that are super-glued, taped or repaired at home can be dangerous for your eyes.

We offer you free spectacles service.

Just take your glasses to us and get the best service from our optical.

You will save money and further frustrations.

Free Home Delivery

Specsmart has a free home delivery option.

Designer eyeglasses & designer eyeglasses with prescription will require additional time for custom lens fitting.

Allow delivery within the mentioned working days when choosing designer eyewear styles.

If a delay occurs, we will always inform you promptly.

We Can

Be assured that our customer service team will quickly respond to make your shopping experience as efficient as possible.

As a standard procedure, we ensure fast & efficient delivery to your doorstep when it is difficult for you to come again and get the eyewear.

We deliver all products through courier.

We are providing Free home delivery within Madurai.

The delivery charges may vary based on the location anywhere outside the city.

You Can 

Our future plan is to provide free spectacles for both children and adults at the orphanage with our customer support.

Our mission is to bring Bright Vision!! 

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