Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Frame Size

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Frame Size

Do you want to know the secret of Step-by-Step Guide to a great-fitting pair?

Here’s a Guide that’ll give you the quickest & easiest route to your best-fitting frames.

Make Use Of The Sizes Of Your Existing Frames

It’s easy to determine your frame size.

Examine the insides of the temples of your existing pair of glasses that fits properly on your face.

size frame

Find the collection of numbers that represent the measurement order, such as 53-15-140.

The lens width, bridge width, and temple length are all measured in millimetres.

Making Use of a Ruler

If your frames are more than a year old, the numbers may have faded.

This creates uncertainty, and you may end up purchasing the incorrect size as a result.

So let’s take a look at the next most basic method. You will need the following items to complete this task:

A Millimeter Ruler or a Cloth Measuring Tape.

To record the readings, use a pen or pencil.

To avoid making any mistakes, use the ranges below as a Step-by-Step Guide.

Lens Width/Diameter — In millimeters, the horizontal width of each lens. It has a diameter of 40-62mm.

Bridge Width – In millimeters, the distance between the two lenses. It has a diameter of 14-24mm.

Temple Length – The distance between the screw and the temple tips. It has a diameter of 110-150mm.

Making Use Of A Clothing Size Chart

You might be wondering how a clothing guide can help you.

However, in general, your everyday T-shirt can assist you in solving this mystery like a pro.

Here’s how it’s done:

Small (S) size wearers include:

Your face structure is likely to be small as well.

In general, frames with a lens width of less than or equal to 50mm would easily fit you in the case of eyeglasses.

You should choose sunglasses with a width of 55mm or less.

Large (L) size wearers include:

Your spectacles must be at least 55mm wide. This will be 65mm or greater in the case of shades.

Medium (M) size wearers include:

Eyeglasses frames with a lens width of 51mm to 54mm are available, while sunglasses frames with a lens width of 56mm to 64mm are available.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Frame Size

Making Use Of A Debit/Credit Card

Did you know you could get your frame size using your debit or credit card?

Surprisingly, the card’s standard width can be compared to a medium (M) sized frame. Let’s see how it goes.

Keep one side of the card in the centre of your nose and the other near the edge of your eye.

If the card extends past the corner of the eye, the frame should be small.

If the card is close to the corner of the eye, the frame size should be medium.

The frame size should be large if the card does not reach the corner of the eye.

step by step guide

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